Friday, November 12, 2010

Pretty things

Modcloth is awesome. period. They have a lot of way-cool clothes, shoes and bags, and also really cool/quirky stuff for your home. They have a lot of retro-inspired stuff. Modcloth is great because there is a lot of things you don't see anywhere else...those types of things are great for gifts and you know, Christmas is next month...

cutensils...these are awesome.
do good travel mug...great gift, almost everyone likes some sort of hot drink.

sharp image pencil sharpener...this is so great.
bloom for improvement kitchen brush...I'm sure this would provide plenty of extra motivaton to wash dishes

watercolor canary clock...this is so pretty, I love it.
wild strawberry earbuds...I am crazy about these, they must be mine sometime in the near future. I love them.

good eye for an iPhone cover...this is so cute. I love my current iPhone case but I feel like this one should be in my collection someday.

I hope I've sold you on the wonder of Modcloth. It is definitley one of my favorites. There is soooooooo much more good stuff on that site. Awesome awesome Christmas gift ideas!

all the photos in this post belong to Modcloth.

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