Saturday, March 19, 2011

hearts all around

well, the snow is definitely gone now, but around Valentine's Day we had a huge amout of it on top of everything.

Now really, what is Valentine's Day without heart shaped waffles?

Valentines. Yeah, the hat is making another appearance. I like it...and well, it's the only hat I own.
I like my flowerdy boots. but I also like his boots.

Snow looks like a big canvas waiting for color. I just had to add some.

have a lovely day

Friday, March 18, 2011

I forgot what the sky looked like.

Once upon a time, I decided not to go a day without looking at the sky.

um......everyone looks at the sky at least once a day, right?

I mean really looking at it. Seeing it. It's incredible.

Well, lately I haven't been seeing it. Looking at it, sure. But not really seeing it. Everybody gets busy...but it's important not to let busy days push the beautiful things of life aside. Art is a huge part of my life. I'm obsessed with it. I don't want to lose that just because I have to think about practical things like school, work, money, and filling my car with gas.

Sometimes I lose my way. My goal is to have my head in the clouds but keep my feet on the ground too. Sometimes I forget and all I am is a person with my feet on the ground.

Today my head is in the clouds again. Sometimes inspiration hits with the force of a train, and I love that.

More pictures tomorrow. I promise.

that was a long flight...

um, hi.

remember me?

yeeeeeaaaaahhhh....I'm still alive. I just got busy.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Jones Family

I took these photos earlier in the summertime in my favorite Smalltown, Oklahoma. The J family is a beautiful and sweet family. They were super good-natured and really fun to work with! Family sessions are tons of fun.

So sweet...this little boy is just adorable.

Such a pretty mommy!

Thank you J family! You were awesome! =)

Friday, November 12, 2010

a story about a hat

I never wore hats. but then my boyfriend gave me a hat. Now I wear hats. This hat is one of his work hats and he gave it to me when I was helping him fix something at my aunt's house.
(yes, he can fix stuff. it's awesome)

I like hats. I also like the mobile photobooth app for iPhone.

Pretty things

Modcloth is awesome. period. They have a lot of way-cool clothes, shoes and bags, and also really cool/quirky stuff for your home. They have a lot of retro-inspired stuff. Modcloth is great because there is a lot of things you don't see anywhere else...those types of things are great for gifts and you know, Christmas is next month...

cutensils...these are awesome.
do good travel mug...great gift, almost everyone likes some sort of hot drink.

sharp image pencil sharpener...this is so great.
bloom for improvement kitchen brush...I'm sure this would provide plenty of extra motivaton to wash dishes

watercolor canary clock...this is so pretty, I love it.
wild strawberry earbuds...I am crazy about these, they must be mine sometime in the near future. I love them.

good eye for an iPhone cover...this is so cute. I love my current iPhone case but I feel like this one should be in my collection someday.

I hope I've sold you on the wonder of Modcloth. It is definitley one of my favorites. There is soooooooo much more good stuff on that site. Awesome awesome Christmas gift ideas!

all the photos in this post belong to Modcloth.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Emma is sixteen. She is my sister and one of my best friends. We hang out all the time and have the best of times. Emma is extremely talented...her mind is an incredible mass of creativity that comes out most when she sings and plays music. She has written some amazing, incredible songs which I can't wait to share once they are recorded. For now...these are some photos we shot earlier this year.